“I have treasured the words of His mouth

more than my daily food.” ~Job 23:12

Bible reading is an indispensable part of our relationship with God.  Our church journeys together throughout the year as we read selected passages of Scripture each day. These readings will often coincide with what we’re studying in worship and/or Connection Groups. We encourage you to join us as we seek to know God and live according to His Word.
March 3-9
Ask God to guide and unite our staff in His will as they retreat this week to plan for the coming year.
March 10-16
Pray that God will use the Family Heritage Retreat this week to strengthen and bless families.
March 17-23
Ask God how He wants to work through us to reach people and what changes we need to make.
March 24-30
Pray that will work powerfully in the lives of our teens this weekend during Disciple Now.
March 31 -April 6
Ask the Lord to help us see opportunities and invite people to join us in Easter events and Worship.
April 7-13
Pray the Lord will use our offerings and our North American Missionaries to “send hope” across our Continent.
April 14 – 20
Ask God to draw many people to join us this Easter weekend so that we may share resurrection hope with them.
April 21-27
Pray that people who visited us throughout Easter weekend will continue to be drawn to Christ.
April 28 – May 4
Ask God to work powerfully in the lives of men who will be attending our Men’s Retreat this weekend.