“I have treasured the words of His mouth
more than my daily food.” ~Job 23:12
Bible reading is an indispensable part of our relationship with God.  Our church journeys together throughout the year as we read selected passages of Scripture each day. These readings will often coincide with what we’re studying in worship and/or Connection Groups. We encourage you to join us as we seek to know God and live according to His Word.
May 7-11
Pray for God’s strength and grace to fill and guide the mothers of FBC as they nurture their children.
May 14-18
Ask the Lord to increase our awareness of and submission to the indwelling Holy Spirit.

May 21-25

Pray the Lord will lead our staff and leaders as they identify priorities and develop our budget for 2018-19.

May 28 –

June 1

Pray for our high school graduates as they celebrate this milestone and move forward in their future.
June 4-8
Pray our church will make a big impact for Christ this summer through our ministries and personal lives.
June 11-15
Pray for our volunteers and kids as they “gear up for life’s big game” with Jesus in VBS this week.
June 18-22
Pray for our fathers to be strong in the Lord and faithful to love and lead their families.
June 25-29
Ask God to guide, protect and work powerfully through our mission teams in Del Rio, TX and Nome, AK.