Connection Groups are central to all that we do here at FBC.  Connection Groups provide a safe environment for you to study God’s Word, share insights, ask questions, discuss life, pray for one another and grow together.  Simply put, these groups “do life together”.
All of our groups meet at 9:45 on Sunday mornings. From preschoolers to senior adults, there is a group suited for everyone. Below is a list of the adult groups. Check it out and find the one that’s right for you. If you need help finding a group, just email us or stop by the Welcome Desk in the foyer and we’ll help you find where to go.
Marriage Matters 
Young couples (20s) who focus on God’s design for marriage and building relationships that will last a lifetime.
Led by Mike & Pam Wilburn
(Meets in F-1)
We are a group in our 30’s that sets it’s foundation on the rock to strengthen and build families on cornerstone. 
Led by Steve & Sarah O’Neal
 (Meets in F-2)
A group of young single adults (18-30) that meet together to develop deep, meaningful friendships and learn together how to live the life that God has for them.
Led by Mike & Melanie Phillips
(Meets in Parlor)
Life On Purpose
Single mothers (18-55) who are now raising children, that desire to relate to and fellowship with others who have walked the path you are currently on and not only survived, but thrived.
Led by Brandie Ruemmely
(Meets in F-1)

Titus 2 Crew
A group of 40-somethings who enjoy studying scripture together and leading others into meaningful relationships with Christ. Our goal is to move from discipled to discipler.
Led by Rob & Davette Henning
(Meets in F-3)
A married couple sitting on an ottoman outdoors. He is reading a book.
Faithful Followers
 A group for individuals and couples in their 30’s and 40’s seeking to be fully devoted followers of Christ.
Led by Lonny and Dana Hamilton
(Meets in C-3)
29 & Holding
We are adults from all ages and walks of life.  We enthusiastically explore God’s Word and through discussion seek to apply it to our lives.
Led by Chris Tillman
(Meets in F-5)
Family Ties
Our group (60’s) develops strong connections to Christ and each other through out Bible study and shared experiences.
Led by Don & Patsy Palmer
(Meets in C-1)
50-60 years old
 Changing Seasons
We are a comprised of members (50-60) who have been refined by the fires of life, seeking wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God’s Word to create a family of entirely devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
Led by Wayne & Julie Butler (Meets in Annex)
60 +
Serving Seniors 

We are a group of prayerful senior adults (65+) who are still growing in discipleship, praying, serving, and fellowship and who are wholly devoted to the mission of the church.

Led by Raiford & Linda Williams,
& Bill Bechtold
(Meets in the Fellowship Hall)
Sisters Abiding in Light and Truth. We are a diverse, multi-generational gathering of women embracing the same desire to grow in the knowledge and power of God’s Word. 
Led by Susan Wilson
(Meets in C-2)