“My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.” ~John 10:27

Bible reading is an indispensable part of our relationship with God.  Our church journeys together throughout the year as we read selected passages of Scripture each day. These readings will often coincide with what we’re studying in worship and/or Connection Groups. We encourage you to join us as we seek to know God and live according to His Word.
December 30-January 3
Ask the Lord to give us his 2020 vision for our lives and to enable us to achieve it.
January 6-10
Pray for our Leadership Team, Pastor, and Search Teams as they seek new ministers for our church.
January 13-17
Pray weekly participation in worship and groups will be a priority for us as we value God above all.
January 20-24
Ask God to strengthen and use Hope Pregnancy Center to preserve unborn lives and serve parents.
January 27-31
Pray we will love one another with the Lord’s love more sacrificially in 2020.
February 3-7 
Pray we will pray together seeking the Lord’s face more earnestly in 2020.
February 10-14
Pray we will work together to fulfill the Lord’s mission more faithfully in 2020.
February 17-21
Pray we will grow together through the Lord’s Word with greater zeal in 2020.
February 24-28
Pray the Lord will lead us in our staff searches to the right people and He will lead them to us.