From Our Pastor

A church is not buildings but people–people who believe in, love, and follow Jesus Christ together in His mission. However, a church meets in buildings to worship, make disciples, and do ministry. At First Baptist we are blessed with a legacy of buildings left to us by previous generations. Now it is our turn to add to this legacy.


In 2012 we conducted our first So They Will Know campaign to raise funds for the construction of a new children’s building. Our church family responded enthusiastically and generously. We now have over $920,000 in our building fund and are preparing to begin construction. We anticipate breaking ground sometime around Easter 2016.


We have found it necessary to revise our original plans by implementing our vision in several phases rather than all at one time. Phase one was completed with the raising of sufficient funds to begin construction. We have now enthusiastically resolved to move forward with phase two. This is the construction of a two story building. We will finish the first floor completely and move our K-6th grade children into it. The second floor will not be finished but rather will be roughed out to be finished at a later time as phase three. When phase three is complete grades 1-6 will move upstairs and birth-K will be downstairs.


Phase two construction is currently estimated to cost about $2.5 million. Our goal in this campaign is to raise $600,000 over the next three years. We invite you to participate in this campaign prayerfully considering what part God would have you play in fulfilling this vision for His glory.

The community is not so small any more and the need is great.  Please read through the information in this brochure carefully and prayerfully ask God to begin to reveal the part He would have you to play in living and leaving a lasting legacy for His glory.



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Why do we need to build a new children’s building?

Currently our children (birth-6th grade) are in two buildings spread across our campus. In the case of elementary children they are meeting in a hundred year old building on the other end of the campus from their parents. The new building will locate the children closer to their parents and the worship center and enable us to improve and expand our ministry to children.


How many phases are there in this building project?

At this time, there are three phases. Phase one was raising enough money to get to the point of ground breaking. Phase two, our current phase, is the construction of the two story building with the first floor finished and the second floor roughed out. Phase three will be finishing the second floor of the new building for occupancy and renovating some of our current buildings for youth and adult ministry.


Why do we need another fund raising campaign?

Our first campaign four years ago was phase one of our long term plan. Through it we were able to raise enough money to get us to the point of breaking ground. Now in phase two we will begin construction. Because the building will cost more than we have already raised, we need a second campaign to minimize our indebtedness and pay it off as quickly as possible.


How much money do we need to raise for phase two?

The estimated cost of phase two construction is $2.5 million. In phase one we raised over $920,000 toward that cost. The goal of this campaign is to raise $600,000 over the next three years.


What am I being asked to do?

Each person is asked to prayerfully consider making a financial commitment to the building fund for the next three years. Commitments should be for an amount over and above normal tithes to the church.


When and how do I make my commitment?

As a church we will begin 21 days of prayer on Monday, January 18. During this time each family will prayerfully seek God’s will concerning their commitment. You will receive a commitment card to complete and bring with you in a sealed envelope to worship on Sunday, February 7. If you cannot attend on this day you will be able to return your commitment card to the church office.


When will we begin construction?

We currently project beginning construction sometime after Commitment Sunday, February 7. Probably in March or April.


Should I divide my current offerings between the general offering and the building fund?

We ask that commitments for the building be above our regular offerings for the ministries of the church. We do not want to diminish the ongoing mission of the church to pay for the building.