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Worship Times at First Baptist Cove

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8:30 AM

1st Sunday Worship Service 

11:00 AM

2nd Sunday Worship Service

6:30 PM

Wednesday Prayer Gathering

New Sermon

"Knowing God: Mercy and Grace" from Hebrews 4:14-16 

God's mercy and grace are ways He expresses His love toward us. Mercy has been described as not getting what we do deserve and grace as getting what we do not deserve. In both mercy and grace, God pours out His love on the undeserving and crowns us with His kindness. 

VBS June 7-10

We're headed to present-day Israel where discovery awaits at Destination Dig. Kids will unearth more than dirt as they dig up exciting evidence that proves biblical events were not just stories. As junior archaeologists, kids will explore real-life archaeological finds that have helped to uncover the truth about Jesus! Along the way, they’ll discover the truth of Jeremiah 29:13, that God reveals Himself to us when we seek and search for Him with all our hearts.

Church Events

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Church Events

Deacon Nomination

Guidelines to be Considered Before Nominating Men to be Deacons
• They should meet all the qualifications stated in I Timothy 3:8-12 and Acts 6:3.  They should be men who have a good reputation in the community.  They should not be in a business nor participate in activities which would damage their witness for our Lord.
• They should be members of the church, along with their families, and be active in church life to include regular church service attendance.
• They should be men who are positive in their outlook and supportive of the decisions and vision of the church body.
•  They should hold a high regard for marriage and family life.
•  They should be sound in their doctrine, not teaching those things which are against the doctrines of the church.
•  They should be men who control their tongues by not using profane language or spreading gossip within the community.
• They should not use alcoholic beverages or be in a business which markets such beverages.
·They should be tithers and good stewards of what God has entrusted to them.
Church Membership and Age Requirements
To be eligible for nomination, the man must have been a resident member of First Baptist Church for at least one year and be 25 years of age or older, as of September 1, 2021.
Please submit your nomination no later than May 30, 2021.
 Deacon Selection Committee members: Penny Peck, Linda Lapierre, Wayne Knutson, Mike Phillips and Nate Cooper (chairman)
                    Please prayerfully consider your nominations.                      

Nomination Form

To nominate a man to serve as a Deacon, please fill out the from below.