Bible Reading Plan


Bible reading is an indispensable part of our relationship with God.  Our church journeys together throughout the year as we read selected passages of Scripture each day. These readings will often coincide with what we’re studying in worship and/or Connection Groups. We encourage you to join us as we seek to know God and live according to His Word. 

July 6-10

Col. 4
Eph. 1
Eph. 2
Eph. 3
Eph. 4
Ask the Lord to show us how He wants to work through us to spread the Gospel in these unusual days.

July 13-17

Eph. 5
Eph. 6
Phil. 1
Phil. 2
Phil. 3
Ask the Lord to protect our youth at camp and to enable them to experience Him in life-changing ways.

July 20-24

Phil. 4
Heb. 1
Heb. 2
Heb. 3
Pray God will use our Family VBS to strengthen families and lead children to a deeper knowledge of Christ. 

July 27-31

Heb. 4
Heb. 5
Heb. 6
Heb. 7
Heb. 8
As "be first.. love cove" is necessarily changed this year, ask God to enable us to bless our city.

August 3-7

Heb. 9
Heb. 10
Heb. 11
Heb. 12
Heb. 13
Pray we will experience God deeply and exalt Him in our worship.

August 10-14

1 Tim. 1
1 Tim. 2
1 Tim. 3
1 Tim. 4
1 Tim. 5
Pray school administrators, teachers, and support staff will have wisdom and strength for this new year.

August 17-21

1  Tim. 6
2 Tim. 1
2 Tim. 2
2 Tim. 3
2 Tim. 4
Pray our Connection Groups will be especially blessed and used by God as we truly make a Fresh Start.

August 24-28

Titus 1
Titus 2
Titus 3
1 Peter 1
1 Peter 2
Ask God to bless our members who are home-bound and in nursing homes with peace and joy.

“My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.”